Year End Accounts


Preparation of end of accounts can be a time consuming and daunting task . many business whether big or small struggle to get their account to the company house and HMRC in time for the deadline. B&Yaccounting takes the strain of business to meet this deadline and ensure that the account accurately reflect the business. not only B&Yaccounting pinpoint where improvements and savings for the future growth of your business can be made. 

Our service   

  •  sole trader accounts 
  • partnershipe accounts
  • rental accounts

B&Yaccounting year end accounting process

  1. Initial data gathering 

       your account manager will ask for sales invoice and receipts , and bank statements.  if applicable we will need your VAT return and paye statements

2 . Data entry 

next step it to complete the bookkeeping based on the received information.  

3. Reconsilation

All controlling account like suppliers, customers ,VAT, Paye, directors accounts  are reconciled 

4. Year end adjustment 

adjustment related accruals, differed payments, prepayments are made. 

5. Accounts finalisation and presentation

the accounts are finalised and send for your review. 


one approved the accounts are then submitted to company house and HMRC

why B&Yaccounting for year end accounts

1. free initial consultant   2. competitive pricing.  3.  Dedicated accounts Manager.  4. accounts prepared in accordance with accounting standards . 5. full accounts review.