Payroll Services


With various issues to deal with such as illness, national insurance contributions, maternity and paternity leave, payroll can quickly become a time consuming and distracting undertaking. Keeping up to date with PAYE returns each month, P45 forms and a yearly P60 forms for each employee can divert attention away from running your business.

Payroll is an obligation, but don’t let the complexities of the PAYE system or frustrating forms get you sidetracked from your business goals. Precise and on-time payroll services will keep your business machine running smoothly, not to mention it will help maintain a positive and healthy work atmosphere for your administration staff and employees alike.

At B&Yaccounting we will accurately calculate your returns and those of your employees and submit them for your approval. We are more than happy to help guide you through the process of payroll by dealing with employee expenses, exemptions and tax.

We do things efficiently and correctly the first time. Our economical payroll solutions will take the headaches out of dealing with RTI submissions and allow you allocate your resources where they belong. Let us help you serve your customers better, keep your employees fulfilled and take your business on to bigger and better things.